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News of Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs

Girl students to write heartfelt letters to vice president

The Iranian vice president for women’s and family affairs, Masoumeh Ebtekar, in a new initiative, invited girl students, to write about their problems in heartfelt letters to her.
15:37 18/10/03

Rouhani stresses equal opportunities for women in sports

Iranian President Rouhani stressed creating equal opportunities for men and women in various fields of social activities, including sports, in a meeting with president of the International Olympic Committee.
13:39 18/10/01

The Voluntary Participation of People is a sign of the Efficiency of the Government

The Vice President for Women and Family Affairs said, "Laying the groundwork for attracting popular participation in different fields and successful performances in these sectors is a sign of the efficiency of a government."
15:56 18/09/26

The Role of Dialogue in the Family

Vice-President for Women’s and Family affairs Massoumeh Ebtekar referenced NGOs as the dynamic social funding of the country, adding, “The government is responsible for outsourcing the private sector and can reduce social harm by empowering NGOs and
15:35 18/09/26