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News of Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs

Running the monitoring system for women and family affairs with the presence of Ali Rabiei, Government Spokesperson

Vice President for Women and Family Affairs: Planning in the field of women and family has been formed and put in place.
13:29 20/09/26

: The cost of political activity for women is high

Masoumeh Ebtekar in an interview with "Isfahan-e- Ziba" newspaper: In our period ( the past), the exchange of opinion and political activity were costly; But as it goes on, political activity has become more costly for women.
13:06 20/09/26

"Iran" interview with the Vice President for Women and Family Affairs

The question is when 41% of government employees are women, why should the presence of women in managerial positions be low?...
12:46 20/09/26

Ebtekar: Judicial bill for the murder of a child on the way to the Nation House

The Vice President for Women and Family Affairs said that the bill on "Murder of a Child by a Father" is in the hands of the Judicial System of Iran for announcing their opinion and will be submitted to the parliament soon.
12:20 20/09/14