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News of Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs

Women Have Many Different Demands and Attending Stadiums is One of Them

VP of Women and Family Affairs: To accomplish greater vitality, we must help promote sports culture. Entering stadiums was a demand made by Iranian women and it will be achieved.
13:07 19/10/09

Iran Attends Women's Empowerment Summit in Indonesia

The Colombo Summit was a training program on sharing practices on women economic empowerment in Indonesia.
12:47 19/10/09

Iran Vice President: Women’s Entry into Stadiums A Step Forward

Vice President of Iran for Women and Family Affairs has lauded the admission of women to football stadiums as an important step forward for the protection of women’s rights.
12:28 19/10/09

A Report of Women in Management Positions in the Cabinet

At the meeting chaired by president Hassan Rouhani,a report of the appointment of women to public offices across the country was presented by the Vice President for Women and Family Affairs.
15:47 19/10/02