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News of Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs

VP says tougher measures to be imposed against online child abuse

Iranian VP Masoumeh Ebtekar says that the review of Law on Protection of Children and Adolescents in the Parliament will address online child abuse issues.
14:18 18/08/19

Industry ministry forms unit to address entrepreneur women’s problems

The Ministry of Industry, Mining, and Trade has formed a special unit with the aim of dealing with entrepreneur women’s problems.
14:31 18/08/15

Message from Massoumeh Ebtekar; Vice President for Women and Family Affairs

On the occasion of Girls’ Day – August 4, 2018
14:38 18/08/01

Iran VP calls for two Iranian women be freed from Indonesian jail

In the talks with Indonesian minister of female empowerment in Tehran, she was asked to help release two Iranian women imprisoned in Indonesia, said Iran's Vice President for Women and Family Affairs.
13:33 18/08/01