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News of Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs

Whoever that's displeased with an issue, blames the government.

The first vice president said, "Unfortunately, whoever that's displeased with an issue, blames the government, but we do not want to let this country and its people suffer more because of our interest in the people and the country."
14:41 21/04/13

Receiving the "right of women to leave the country" in emergencies from the prosecutor's office.

Samira Zargari was banned from leaving the country and her absence from the national alpine skiing team at the World Championships in Italy was an excuse to recount the old pain of the women of this land.
14:25 21/04/13

The Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth announced, "Doubling the budget of women's sports in the year 1400"

The Deputy of Women's Sports Development of the Ministry of Sport and Youth announced the doubling of the special budget for women in the year 1400 and said,…
14:30 21/04/12

% 35 of the deputies of the Ministry of Sport and Youth are women.

Dr. Masoud Soltanifar; Minister of Sport and Youth: We were trying to use the women's capacities in the ministry; We now have more than 120 women managers in the ministry.
9:05 21/04/07