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Social Emergency Program

Tuesday 19 March 2019 - 12:32

Each society makes preparations to meet the people’s needs and solve or decrease their problems, and some programs are compiled and implemented. Our country is not exempted from this principle. Although, these programs can be different according to various situations in the countries, recognition and implementation of appropriate problems and approaches are very important. One of the programs in I.R. of Iran is “Social Emergency Program” which is the result of several years of activities of Social Injuries department. This program is a combination of intervention in personal, family and social crises (Social Emergency Center), social emergency telephone line (123), mobile team of social emergency (mobile social services) and social emergency centers (social service centers) that was compiled at the first stage with the aim of community based empowerment in informal settlements, that each has independent instructions and abstract in the present package. In this program, the 3 important aspects of providing social services consisting of “to be specialized”, “being on time” and “being accessible”, are considered in order to offer unlimited social services to the people in the country’s Welfare Office according to time and place and a “passive approach” is replaced by an “active approach” and “community based programs”. This program may result in optimum usage of material and human resources, decreasing official bureaucracy, offering services, coordination between units, comprehensiveness, and acquisition and so on. The program tends to place “psycho-social intervention” before “police and judicial intervention” and even at the same time with them. This factor has an important role in “prevention from breaking the law” and “removal of judicial intervention”. “Identification of common and prevalent social problems” in the country, regions and communities will be undertaken according to this program. In fact, these kinds of interventions will reduce “labeling” effects in order to empower those who are socially injured or vulnerable and return them to a healthy life.

The following program is provided in the form of a PDF booklet which can be downloaded below:

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