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The Presence of an Iranian Female Entrepreneur at the International Forum on the Development of Women's Entrepreneurship in Baku

Nasim Tavakol, an Iranian female entrepreneur in the field of ICT at the International Forum on the Development of Women's Entrepreneurship in Baku, outlined the capacities of Iranian women in entrepreneurship.

Sunday 23 June 2019 - 18:28

The meeting was held on June 20 with participants from the region and CIS countries in Baku, Azerbaijan's capital with representatives of state bodies, international organizations, business organizations, and civil societies of different countries.

Tavakol, one of the 20 top entrepreneurs selected based on the public's votes in an online poll on the Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs website was in the panel supporting women's entrepreneurship through information and communication technologies (ICT) and networking which included members from the countries of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia and Kazakhstan. She described the advancements of women in Iran in this field and introduced examples of innovative and knowledge-based products in the ICT industry.

Nasim Tavakol pointed out that despite the economic pressures caused by the cruel US sanctions, women have been able to continue to innovate and implement new ideas for further growth, and said, "The Women of the Sanctions Era campaign has been launched in which women can share their abilities."

After introducing the top female entrepreneurs selected through a public online poll, Tavakol also gave out a brochure with the top 20 candidates selected in the first round of the online poll to the representatives of the countries and organizations present at the meeting.

The International Forum on the Development of Women's Entrepreneurship held by Mrs. Hijran Huseynova, the Azerbaijani politician serving as the Chairwoman of the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, addressed women's entrepreneurship development strategies, status quo, and future prospects.

The materials that were provided showed that the women of these countries are active in the field of crafts and agriculture and are planning and creating infrastructure for the participation of women in the technology and ICT sectors.



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