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International Family Dialogue Elevation Center

Saturday 20 July 2019 - 15:55

Introducing the National Family Dialogue Plan:

Overall Objective:

Strengthening systematic dialogue regarding family issues, both within and outside families, on the capacity of local communities, with the aim of overcoming existing social problems, to spontaneous scrutiny, self-reform and a proportional open-end.

Exclusive Goal (1): Training level one social facilitators,

Empowering managers and activists of associations (in particular the Iranian Sociological Association) and non-governmental organizations in the field of social facilitating, as level one facilitators,

Exclusive Goal (2): Training level two social facilitators,

The selection of field-related experts from the four categories of executive practitioners, NGO activists, journalists and academics to participate in level two facilitator training

In the process of teaching the art and knowledge of facilitation to them, the voice of the experts mentioned in the field of family matters is heard, emphasizing that the experts are in contact with families and can facilitate family member meetings at the end of the training course.

Exclusive Goal (3): Empowerment of level one and level two facilitators: Understanding Values ​​and Effective Dialogue Skills

Valuables and effective dialogue skills include:

Respecting each other’s space

Tendency to learn

Listening to what you hear

Talking from the heart

Curiosity and asking

Suspend the assumptions

Having an open mind and readiness to accept

Constructive advocacy

Having control over oneself

Avoiding acceleration


Exclusive Goal (4): Hearing the voice of the three groups’ facilitators in families through:

A separate collaborative problem, among the children, the mother and the father as the three main beneficiaries (with the help of level two facilitators)

Observing and documenting these processes (by level one facilitators)

Exclusive Goal (5): Facilitate effective tripartite dialogue among the three main stakeholder groups in the family: the children, the mother and the father, with the guidance of level two facilitators, through holding Focus Group and Fishbowl meetings aimed at tackling common issues to agreed solutions relying on collective wisdom, passing from the problem to social scrutiny

Documenting processes by level one facilitators

Exclusive Goal (6): Level one facilitators documenting and monitoring processes associated with the five previously mentioned exclusive goals with the goal of: developing ways to solve the issues to reach social scrutiny regarding the problems of each related family


1. Holding a workshop (familiarization with the values ​​and skills of facilitation) for selected level one and level two students

2. Holding a workshop (Understanding Dialogue Values ​​and Skills) for level one and level two facilitators

3. Forming groups each with two to three facilitators, (level two facilitators), to guide collaborative problem solving sessions with interested stakeholders

4. Defining the mechanism for selecting family members in each of the three beneficiary groups to participate in joint dialogue meetings.

5. Documenting activities at each meeting by level one facilitators

6. Reviewing the outcomes of the meetings to clarify the phenomena that have passed through social problems with the help of interest groups in dialogue and in practice that have turned into a self-containing, self-winding social dynamism.

International Programs

Holding workshops to teach the values and skills of dialogue

Holding an international seminar on family dialogue

Sharing the successful Iranian experiences


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