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Thousands of micro-credit funds were added to existing local rural funds

At the International Day of Rural Women meeting, Massoumeh Ebtekar said, "Simultaneous with the International Day of Rural Women, 1,000 micro-credit funds were added to the local rural and nomadic funds."

Monday 21 October 2019 - 12:53

She pointed out that there are currently 3200 local micro funds to increase women's empowerment.

The meeting was held at the Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs, at which Ebtekar congratulated everyone and stated, "We have received reports from 20 active organizations and agreements have been signed regarding the ongoing effort to promote the empowerment of rural and nomadic women. According to reports, more than 3,000 female health workers have worked with this vice presidency in villages."

The Vice President noted that the message of today's meeting was to show the government's serious efforts and hope for the villages and their increased employment, especially for rural women. "Of course, the shortcomings are still high, and we hope that with the efforts of all those involved, we will see the empowerment of rural women, whether female-headed households or rural girls," she said.

Ebtekar added, "The Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs, for its part, has played a key role in streamlining these programs. In addition, NGOs also have the potential to play an important part."

In another of her remarks, Ebtekar while emphasizing that a comprehensive look at the rural development has been taken into account alongside the environmental dimension, stated. "Accordingly, the standardization of food and rural products has been a priority." 

She added, "In the upcoming year's budget, we will continue to focus this attention on a broad range of programs with the authorities' cooperation, whether it be in health, education or gender equity."

The vice president noted, "We have always worked hard to develop local micro-funds and the role of rural women in these micro-funds, who now have over 3200 active funds, and today, thanks to the Hope Entrepreneurship Fund, thousands of new funds have been added to increase rural women's empowerment."

"This will help our villages, the agricultural economy, and social and cultural developments in the villages because rural capital needs to be maintained and promoted," she said.

The United Nations has dedicated October 15 as the International Day of Rural Women. The purpose of this designation is to promote the status of rural and nomadic women, which has been taken into consideration and implemented in the Islamic Republic of Iran due to the large rural population and their great share in the economy.

This year's slogan is set by the United Nations, "Rural women and girls building climate resilience".

In Iran, there are about 11 m rural women, who make up some 30% of the population. These women play an active role in the production of crops and raising livestock, activities that are often unpaid and whose importance in the economy and society is ignored.


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