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Iranian painter among finalist artists of Lynx Prize 2017

Iranian painter Fereshte Setayesh is one of the 47 finalist artists at the Lynx Prize 2017 international prize of contemporary art.

Sunday 31 December 2017 - 12:55

“Mona Lisa”, a work selected by Fereshte Setayesh for this international competition, is a mixmedia work on wood, which draws the portrait painting of Raphael, an Italian prominent painter who looks at the European viewers with an influential gaze.

The Iranian painter is among the 47 finalist artists of the event who come from 35 countries around the world.

According to the process of the annual competition, the works of selected artists will be exhibited in the three authentic European galleries.

The LUX Art Gallery in Italy and Lokarjeva Gallery in Slovenia exhibited the selected works in September and November 2017 and following the organization of the third exhibition in Italy in 2018, this round of the Lynx Prize will end to its work for this year.

Fereshteh Setayesh, born in Tehran, is an official member of the Association of Painter Artists of Iran. She has been painting for 35 years and has participated in 12 solo exhibitions and more than 90 group exhibitions in Iran and abroad.

Source: ISNA


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