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Ebtekar: A More Culturally and Politically Open Atmosphere can Undermine the Pillars of Disappointment in Society

Sunday 31 December 2017 - 14:10

The Vice President for Women and Family Affairs said, “Basic measures in areas such as employment, a healthier and freer environment for cultural and political activities as well as attention to citizens’ rights are possible and could undermine the pillars of disappointment in the society.”

According to ISNA, at the 4th National Conference for Discourse on Protection and Community-based Drug Control at Pars Hotel in Mashhad, Massoumeh Ebtekar noted, "Due to the widespread damage and complications that addiction carries, many countries today have national programs. The problem of addiction is not just particular to our country.”

"Today, no matter how much communication and information highways have broadened, damage, too, has spread," she continued, "yet social networks have, moreover, provided additional opportunities for awareness than before. In fact, social freedom and the free flow of information if backed by science, academic centers, and civil institutions, can raise awareness and modify lifestyles.”

Ebtekar explained, “One of the most important components of this process, which encompasses cultural, social and political aspects, is hope for the future and uplifting of spirits. This is a matter of great concern for the supreme leader and the president. To take steps toward prevention, an important measure that must be taken is to provide vitality and hope for the future, as well as a healthier and more open atmosphere for the younger generation, so that they younger feel they can develop their talents and thoughts and make a promising future for themselves.

The Vice President for Women and Family Affairs added, "Fortunately, the government's stance is on their side and, given the cooperation that is being made with other forces, we hope that the shaping of such an atmosphere will take place in society." NGOs (non-governmental organizations), universities, and community activists are all involved. We all play a role in molding the atmosphere of Iran toward hope and happiness. It is a matter of fundamental measures in areas such as employment, a healthier and more open atmosphere for cultural, political, and citizen rights. These issues are very important and can undermine the pillars of dissatisfaction in society.

She observed, "We need to take significant measures in these areas and NGOs, our social progressive force in this process, can be very influential."

Ebtekar further stated that, "On the road of life, our family is our seatbelt," added: "By family, we mean a healthy and prosperous household, one with a sense of security, strong bonds and so on. The subject of family is one of the main issues the government faces and in this regard the National Family Dialogue has begun in the Women's and Family Affairs Department. We emphasize that the National Family Dialogue should be shaped from the political to the academic level and in civil institutions.

She pointed out that, "Lack of life skills can cause harm to the family," she noted, “In this regard, steps have been taken by the eleventh government and the Women and Family Affairs Department has been collaborating with the Ministry of Education in this field. We hope we can continue to do this in order to promote communication skills, conversational skills, life skills, and more. If we prevent injury early on with students, many of these skills will be built as a means of protection for the family against widespread harm in the community.


Ebtekar said, “Here, women exercise a key task. They have a pivotal role in the family in social currents to increase resilience, raise awareness, generate positive currents to deal with injuries, and so on. The Vice President for Women and Family Affairs is particularly concerned with the empowerment of women, the empowerment of non-governmental organizations active in the field of women and the family, and enhancement on the issue of individual and social resilience’’. Improvement in individuals and social resilience is one of the fruitful projects that the vice president has been pursuing, and it is hoped that the cooperation will continue with the necessary support.

She noted that in 270 regions of the country, this plan has been implemented and has proved very effective in improving the individual and social capacity of individuals so that they can resist harm. In this plan, people themselves are aware of the harm and effectiveness of coping with the damage. One of the main targeted groups in this project are the injured women and the families affected by addiction.

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