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Masoumeh Ebtekar's Speech at the 13th PUIC Conference

Monday 15 January 2018 - 16:44

In the Name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful

Address of Massoumeh Ebtekar to the Conference of Muslim Parliamentarians

Vice President on Women and Family Affairs

I would like to welcome our distinguished guests to this important event.

Our legislative and executive bodies have a serious mandate to improve governance, and the wellbeing of our societies and to  promote justice and equity . Women have an important share in this dimension.

We are proud that our societies are rooted in the rich treasures of Islamic culture, logic and reason which maintain the foundations for our legislative and judiciary processes.

The Holy Quran has an equalitarian approach on women and men. This equalitarian view begins with the narration of creation .Contrary to the narration of the Torah in the Holy Quran, Eve is not the initiator of sin, when they chose to take the forbidden fruit they do so together and this is emphasized in the Quran.

Today more than ever the Muslim Ummah needs a common and yet modern and dynamic interpretation and approach to invite for betterment.

We need more than ever before to engage in exchange of experiences and lessons learnt, both among diverse nations and societies but also among generations.

The eternal message of Islam can be conveyed to generations only through good and ethical governance, transparency and accountability in practice, but also through and intergenerational dialogue.

We need to emphasize on the concept of dignity and independence of nations and the need to protect our youth, our men and women from the cultural aggression and political assault of big powers and consumerist lobbies.

We need to find ways for practical collaboration, in enjoining for the good and forbidding what is wrong.

We need to build upon a strong foundation for supporting the oppressed particularly women and children who are victimized  and condemning oppression .

We need to coalesce our forces for peacebuilding and strengthening the role of women in building and keeping peace.

We need to unite in actively confronting extremism and violence particulary when it is done in the name of Islam and targets women.

We need to actively support women victims of extremism and conflict, and urge national legislative bodies and  international organizations to protect vulnerable women and children.

We need to be the voice of women who are suffering in the occupied territories in Palestine, or women who are victims of sanctions and war in Yemen, women who are still suffering due to the genocide against Rohynga Muslims in Myanmar.

Women who have suffered in Syria and Iraq at the hands of terrorists who wrongly used the name of Islam the set up a state of terror and name it the Islamic State to smear the image of Islam. Andwe salute our Muslim brothers and sisters who stood up and fought against this terrible deviation

The Islamic Republic of Iran stands regardless of the challenges as an Islamic Democracy . President Rouhani was elected seven months ago in a nationwide election in which 70% of those eligible to vote took part. Rouhani won 54% of the vote and women played an important role in these processes. Although women are only 7% of the Parliament but they constitute about 50% of the voters. Women now have significant roles in urban and rural councils which were elected at the same time nationwide . We are also in the process of legislation for a new law to confront violence against women. 

Iran has a dynamic and vibrant civil society in which women play a prominent role. 2750 NGOs are currently active in women related areas.

Health indicators for Iranian women have drastically improved and Iran has one of the most advanced and inclusive health and welfare programs. In the academic field 25% of the University faculty members are women while about 50% of students are women.

Women are a growing workforce in Iran about 67% of the 750 thousand jobs created last year were devoted to women. Iranian women have a significant role in agriculture and traditional arts and handicrafts.

During the recent years Iranian women have leaped forward in sports bringing scores of world and regional medals for their nation.

Reknown Iranian film makers, directors and artists are women who have transformed the world of cinema in Iran.

I wish to make certain proposals for this conference . The plight of the Rohingya Muslims is yet deplorable , a delegation needs to visit Myanmar and their camps in Bangladesh and prepare a report .

The situation of women and children in Yemen who are dealing with famine and disease also needs to be addressed and a delegation prepare a report on the conditions.

UN Resolution 1325 on the role of women in peacemaking and security should be taken as a foundation for a session on the role of Parliaments in the Muslim world in implementing this matter.

Also climate change is affecting the livelihoods of millions worldwide, women have an important role in mitigation and adaptation, this conference can create a task force to address this important issue and legislation. I hope your deliberations will lead to more unity on understanding and decisions which can enhance the status of women in the Islamic world. 

I hope you enjoy your stay in beautiful Tehran. Thank You.



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