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Introduction - Charter on Citizens' Rights

Saturday 17 February 2018 - 13:59

With the disclosure and declaration of the Charter on Citizens' Rights by the President in December 2017, the program and policy of the 12th Government and its subsidiary bodies on the observance and advancement of the fundamental rights of the great nation of Iran were identified and emphasized. The Citizens' Rights Charter was a pre-selected “National Law Collection” taken from the high-level documents of the system, especially the third and fourth sections of the Constitution, which was implemented and served as a gateway to the executive agencies of the country.  

The Vice President for Women and Family Affairs, in line with its goals and mission in the field of women and family rights, considers the Citizens' Rights Charter a golden opportunity for a serious, effective and forward looking rise on a path leading to the demands of the 100-year-old women's rights of the country. This is why there have been a series of actions in the area of  citizenship rights of women and children as vulnerable members of the family.

The Charter on Citizenship Rights, while approaching equal treatment and equal rights for citizens, has a firm belief in human dignity, far from false gender, ethnic and religious superiority (QS 17:70 “And we have certainly honored the children of Adam...”) Thus the Charter can be a factor in balancing and equalizing the demands of the women's community. Proposals with two major development-oriented approaches, with the political participation of women as half of the population underpinned by development, in the administration of the country and participation in the macroeconomic decision-making areas, as well as a rights-based approach or human rights based on equal rights and equal legal protection, will be included by revising all the country-specific laws to deny "unjust legal violence and discrimination."

The Women and Family Affairs Office is attempting and hopes to achieve genuine success in meeting women's rights with the participation of all government agencies and other forces, especially women and family affairs activists, and with the proper use of the capacity of the Charter of Citizens' Rights and its operational support by the President. God willing.


Massoumeh Ebtekar


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