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Dr. Massoumeh Ebtekar's Address in the Stockholm Forum for Gender Equality

At the Stockholm Forum for Gender Equality held in April, Ebtekar talked about female roles.

Wednesday 25 April 2018 - 13:31

The Vice President for the Women and Family Affairs said: "We have three realms envisioned for the role of the woman in the Islamic perspective. The first is her role in the general realm of human development, known as the anima or the colorful spirit of life; she has a life giving role for all humanity."

She continued: "The second is the realm of social, political and economic development, the inspirational role that enables women to initiate, mobilize and create hope.  The third is the realm of the family pointing to  her intrinsic skills in upbringing, care and intellectual and moral development of the family and the future generations."

 She refered to the Holy Quran to show that in this equalitarian approach, men and women are created from a single spirit, and so are essentially equal in their existence.

Dr. Rouhani, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Government has set clear targets for continued advancement of women and their social and economic empowerment.

Ebtekar, in giving statistics, said that: "Facilitating   access to financial resources is also an imperative which the government has undertaken." She also talked about the two types of loans that exist in Iran.

The Vice President for Women and Family Affairs stated: "Our experience in Iran and what we learn from many other societies indicates that trends show that women are aware and sensitive of their family roles, and  they chose to prioritize family roles in some cases."

She also referred to the recent statistics that indicated the many jobs occupied by women in the past two years.

Later in her speech, she said that: "Iran is haven to a vast spectrum of ethnic groups. This diversity is an actual asset for Iran while creating a colorful array of traditions, art, traditional costumes and handicrafts, music and folklore." She also stated that: "The biodiversity and natural attractions of Iran are also great potentials for enterprises in conservation and sustainable ecotourism."

Ebtekar also mentioned that: "Entrepreneurship for women will be an important dimension of the global economy. Conservation, protection of biodiversity and natural resources are pillars of sustainable development in every society and women have an indispensible role to play in this area."

In concluding her speech, the Vice President referred to the green and blue economy and went on to say that: "confronting and mitigating the adverse effects of climate change are vital areas where need to engage women in both decision making but also economic ventures, training empowerment and green entrepreneurship which not only undertakes the corporate social responsibility  and environmental standards but serves to protect and improve the status of our global environment while creating job opportunities and improving the quality of life of women and societies in general."

Source: Women and Family Affairs Office




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