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Synergy of Women in the Government and Parliament

The Parliamentary Women's Caucuses of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Vice President for Women and Family Affairs held a meeting on future cooperation in the programs of 2018.

Sunday 06 May 2018 - 17:06

The Vice President for Women and Family Affairs Masoumeh Ebtekar said, "We hope to have beneficial and advantageous discussions between the government and the parliament as we did in the previous year." The purpose of this meeting is to create a schedule for 2018 in order to create synergy in activities and to come to a conclusion.

She expressed optimism that in 2018, the bill on the security of women against violence would pass, and in order to be completed, life skills and legal training should be taught at various levels.

In another part of her speech, the vice president spoke of the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs and the Ministry of Education in line with life skills. She added: "The memorandum signed with this ministry includes training and in addition, we have emphasized the strengthening of sports and physical vigor."

Afterwards, Susan Bastani, the Deputy Head of Strategic Studies of the Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs, presented the first report of the meeting of the National Women and Family's Organization of Iran led by President Hassan Rouhani.

Referring to the employment development document, she said, "This vice presidency has tried to work on this issue so as to provide better access to employment loans and bank facilities for women."

Bastani continued, "The reform of consumption and family lifestyle patterns and models are being followed up by this vice presidency with emphasis on the role of practicality."

Deputy Director of Planning and Coordination of the Vice-Presidency for Women and Family Affairs, Athareh Nezhadi, also presented the latest statistics on the status of women in Iran that have been recently updated, saying that two CDs were presented to the representatives and members of the Parliamentary Women's Caucuses of the Islamic Republic in order to access the latest status of women in each province which will be useful and practical. 

In the course of the meeting, Parvaneh Mafi, chairman of the Parliamentary Family's Caucuses of the Islamic Republic, pointed out that the Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs has been effectively performing, and in regard to the programs of the vice presidency in the twelfth government and the sixth development plan, said, "The division of overwork for the implementation of general family policies, the follow-up of the review of the legal system and the laws and regulations related to family rights, the valuation of women's domestic work and their inclusion in national accounts and the balance between work and life achieved by adopting a comprehensive protection package for employed women are among the things that need to be addressed and we hope to receive reports on these plans being carried out."

At the meeting, Massoumeh Aghapour, a representative of the Shabestar Community in the Parliment, said that the most important year for the current parliamentary activities is 2018. She noted she is looking forward to cooperation with the government in the field of women’s affairs.

She asked the vice president to follow up on the topic of supporting Iranian goods in which women can play a role in their production and consumption, as well as the establishment of day markets for women as requested by the Interior Ministry, as well as the ministries of foreign affairs and industry. 

Zahra Saeedi, a representative of the people of Mobarakeh in the parliament, also called for women representatives to be more fully supported because of the increase in referrals from women.

Fatemeh Hosseini, a representative from Tehran in parliament, also mentioned some of the challenges that the women's non-violence bill faced, calling for more coordination to be achieved.

"Because of the challenges and the fact that the debate on acid attacks cannot currently be attributed to the outcome of the adoption of the bill on the prohibition of violence against women, the anti-acid campaign is being prepared and will be worked on further," she said

She went on to emphasize the necessity of supporting Iranian goods and said: "The Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs would ask executive agencies to allocate a part of the budget to support domestic households for female breadwinners and women entrepreneurs."

Mafi added, "Statistics on violence against women indicate that the bill on the prohibition of violence against women should be more vigorously pursued by the Parliament, and we are waiting for the bill to be submitted."

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