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Closing ceremony of Iran’s 1st National Student Debate in English

Wednesday 09 May 2018 - 17:53

The closing ceremony of 1st National Student Debate organized by the student organization of ACECR in collaboration with Cultural Deputy of University of Tehran was held on Wednesday.

Over the past six editions, the debate has held successfully and this year it was organized in English for the first time.

The head of Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR) Dr. Hamidreza Tayyebi, Iranian Vice President for Women and Family Affairs Dr. Masoumeh Ebtekar, Tehran University Chancellor Dr. Mahmoud Nili and a number of outstanding professors of Tehran University and deputies of ACECR participated in the ceremony and gave the awards of winners.

The purposes of organizing such an event were to learn the skill of negotiation and dialogue, elect qualified representatives for international competitions and pave the way for holding provincial, regional and international competitions.

The jury committee of the competition included the faculty members from Tehran and Allameh Tabataba'I universities as well as the senior officials and managers of ACECR.

“The competition was a cultural initiative for learning the way of negotiation in a scientific and ethical environment in front of high-educated professors. By holding such events we can learn who to say our opinions in the global arena,” Dr. Tayyebi said in a speech in the event.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ebtekar said in a speech in the event, “Today, one of the most important challenges is dialogue which is part of our culture and religion. In many cases we have challenge to understand each other. It is communication skill. By using dialogue we can develop our life skills and solve the problems and gaps”.

“By dialogue and debate we can protect Islamic values, our culture, social values and our revolution. These days which there are different barriers you have to work on your language to be able to convey others, protect the Islamic Republic of Iran and not only defend but also understand differences,” she added.

“One of the best successful episodes in contemporary history in dialogue has been the issue of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). It is not only a political issue but also a reality. What happened in JCPOA was an important step forward and Iran under the guidance of the Supreme Leader stood very firmly on principles and stood in the international arena. It could easily lead to another war, intervention, insecurity and increase militarism but it didn’t. They come to agreement by using dialogue and it is important. This is very clear manifestation of dialogue and debatethat has power to resolve conflicts despite of all the differences,” Dr. Ebtekar went on to say.

Source: ISNA


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