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Vice President for Women and Family Affairs: Improving Gender Equity Indicators in the Country's Executive Agencies

According to the sixth development program of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), the development of gender equity indicators in government agencies will improve.

Wednesday 30 May 2018 - 12:37

At a meeting of the Hormozgan Provincial Council, Massoumeh Ebtekar added, “During the timeframe of  the sixth national development plan, the evolution of all executive agencies is tasked to implement indicators of gender equality in the areas declared by the Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs.”

The Vice President for Women and Family Affairs said: “Five percent of this year's governmental budget has been allocated to monitor the implementation of gender equality in executive agencies.”

She continued, “Some of the most important indicators of gender equity are being able to use sports facilities, as well as engage in physical training and appointment to management positions.”

“According to government targets, 30% of governmental positions in executive agencies are to be allocated to women,” she added.

Ebtekar said, “Two national documents on the implementation of the National Intergenerational and Family Dialogue Initiative and the second phase of social welfare goals will be implemented in all provinces of the country this year.”

Referring to the execution of the local women's coverage plan for government agencies in Hormozgan, she added, "The materialization of this plan will maintain and strengthen both national and local identity.”

At the provincial council meeting, Hormozgan’s governor stated, “In Hormozgan, the priority of women’s employment is in the field of handicrafts.”

Fereydoun Hemmati added, "To promote handicrafts, development of educational and marketing activities along with payment of facilities is on the agenda, and so far, a budget has been provided to the women's welfare fund in the province.”

Source: Translation of the Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs


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