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The eleventh anniversary of Barakat Foundation

It has been eleven years since the establishment of Barakat Foundation, and over the years, one of its most important activities has been the establishment of schools in deprived areas of Iran, although there are still deprived areas in Iran that do

Wednesday 13 June 2018 - 9:05

One of the most fundamental and enduring activities of Barakat Foundation, which is affiliated with Execution of Imam Khomeini's Order (EIKO), has been building schools in the villages and deprived areas of the country during the 11 years of active participation. So far, contracts for the construction of 1500 Barakat schools with 8,500 classrooms and the capacity to receive 188,000 students with a credit of 7,200 billion rials have been signed with the Organization for Development, Renovation and Equipping Schools in the country. Of these, 1,000 schools with 5,650 classrooms have been implemented, and 2,550 deprived villages have been under protection of Barakat Foundation. Barakat Foundation has an active participation in the implementation of “The Symbolic Project" with the aim of rooting out, preventing and treating social traumas and the problems of the country's student community. So far, 586 schools in 31 provinces have been put under the protection of “The Symbolic Project".

Review of Barakat Foundation’s activities

Barakat Foundation, funded by Execution of Imam Khomeini's Order, is one of the institutions that addresses the self-sufficiency of disadvantaged people and compatriots who have not had the chance to show their talents. It has gained significant achievements in various areas over the past 10 years of its continuous activity. Barakat Foundation’s aim is to work on development, economic empowerment and entrepreneurship in deprived areas, that’s why, its founders deemed a suitable and unique strategy essential from the very beginning. For this reason, and after the economic studies of more than 80 similar models in the world, the model of the activity of this foundation was formulated.

Barakat Foundation is currently active in a wide range of areas to serve disadvantaged people and less-developed areas, which includes economic empowerment and entrepreneurship, development of educational places through the establishment of Barakat schools, building Infrastructures, building cultural-religious centers, developing insurance, financial and support services, building hospitals and increasing access of people, especially residents of the deprived areas, to health services.

Barakat Foundation with participation in establishing and developing economic plans in various sectors of industry, agriculture, etc., carrying out construction and infrastructure projects, building schools and providing health, insurance, financial support and public utility services, seeks to have a general impact on the economic development of the deprived areas of the country, increasing job opportunities, developing entrepreneurship, poverty alleviation and preventing the migration of local forces to big cities.

Barakat Foundation has paid special attention to this since its establishment till now, and has made it a great goal for itself. Fortunately, the foundation's performance in this area has been very successful, with 350 projects in 31 provinces of the country being implemented by the Foundation and 180 projects being delegated to entrepreneur partners.

Barakat Foundation is active in presenting plans and formulating and executing them in the pivotal and important areas in the Islamic Iran. Areas such as poverty alleviation, in the form of Sun and Sky Empowerment Project, implementation of regional, infrastructure and development projects, building mosques and cultural centers, building houses for the deprived, construction of hospitals and health centers, electronic health services and the Barakat Family Project, Insurance, financial and support services, helping to treat deaf and muse children, supporting jihad groups and NGO organizations, supporting knowledge-based companies and contributing to the development of the environment. Most of these projects have started since the establishment of Barakat Foundation about 10 years ago, and are now in the implementation phase.

Source: Persia Digest


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