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Message from Massoumeh Ebtekar; Vice President for Women and Family Affairs

On the occasion of Girls’ Day – August 4, 2018

Wednesday 01 August 2018 - 14:38

Today is Hazrat Massoumeh’s (S) birthday, which marks Girl's Day in our country, and so happy Girl’s Day.

Fatemeh Massoumeh (S) was a young girl who emigrated from Medina, supported the movement of her brother Imam Reza (AS), and died in the city of Qom in the path of her attempt to gain her rights. Her commemoration marks the belief that the human identity of the woman is at the top of her existential values and that hidden feminine identity lies in motherhood and partnership. Massoumeh (S) did not marry and did not have children. Without exaggeration, however, the validity of the scientific community and the seminary of Qom is tied to the personality of this woman. Massoumeh (S) was not only immersed in the science of her time, but, with her political and social presence, made a lasting impression on the history and geography of Shi'ism, and this was the result of her personal abilities.

Today's girls are tomorrow’s mothers, but the current situation facing them in different parts of the world includes many problems and hurdles. From societies engaging in war and insecurity that cause the greatest harm to women and girls, to societies that are subject to violence and assassination and deterring girls from education and social development. In societies where rebellion and retrogression create stereotypical ideas about girls, they also create many limitations in education, health, exercise and sports training facilities which in turn leads to depression, physical and psychological health issues. In such societies, which are very numerous, there is no minimum requirement for a decent life for girls. On the other hand, those societies in which girls are seen as commodities in the name of freedom, psychological harm and its widespread social consequences are now seen flooded with images like the "me too" campaign against sexual abuse in the work environments which has emerged.

For this reason, planning for access to education, health, and sports is one of the main directions for governments today to ensure the physical and mental health of women and girls. In addition, the fight against violence against girls and women through education and preventive intervention programs has also been taken into consideration in our country.

The progress of girls in education, especially the higher academic levels, has been a well-established achievement in terms of their own efforts and the conditions created in the country. In other fields, such as sports, and especially competitive sports, we have even more examples of success, such as the Asian Futsal Champions of Asia, and other girls are great artists in the literary and visual fields as well as in other areas.

At the same time, our society, like any other society, is suffering from problems that we are not going to hide, but we are trying to resolve them with the help of our precious girls and proper cultural and social policies. There is no doubt that the sacred Islamic law does not constrain the excellence of girls and women, but defines some limits, guarantees the dignity of all human beings, including men and women, and girls and boys. Therefore, one must think, without stereotyping, of solutions that preserve human dignity and reveal new paths.

Of course, the first step and the most important step to prevent harm done to girls and the youth is to pay attention to a healthy and happy family. The Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs, for this reason, has included national family and intergenerational dialogue as one of its main activities. 

Consideration is also given to legal training from elementary to university levels and life skills, because it can promote personal, social and family rejuvenation, and keep girls hopeful and strong on the path to their future. Bills to ensure the security of women against violence and support for children and young people, with the continuous follow-up of the Vice Presidency and the participation of women MPs are in their final stages, both of which are important future rules for today's girls and the mothers of tomorrow.

I hope that with the actions and cooperation of the executive agencies and the organizations of the people, we can create a bright future for Iranian girls.

On this happy occasion, we will hear the voice of our girls and support them.

Source: Translation of the Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs


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