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“Lul-andazan” ritual for expecting mothers in Shiraz

The birth of a baby is a celebrated event in all cultures and religions, accompanied by special ceremonies and rituals. Different parts of Iran also celebrate this with their own particular traditions.

Wednesday 08 August 2018 - 16:14

“Quran-andazan” or “lul-andazan” is a tradition from Shiraz, Fars Province, which is held for women in their fourth or fifth month of pregnancy.

The family of the expectant mother give her a special gold necklace with the name of God or “Khoda” in Persian to ward off the evil eye and protect the mother and baby. Other gifts include a colorful long veil, clothing (preferably green), fruits, and sweets. This is all purchased and taken to the young mother’s home by family and friends.

The necklace is placed on her neck in a special ceremony reciting the Surah Al An’am from the Quran and praying for the good health of mother and baby. She will wear the necklace all throughout her pregnancy and even for some time afterwards. This will always protect them both and wearing it by women is a sign that they are expecting a baby.

This is placed around the mother’s neck preferably by a religious person or a family elder. People believe that if a patient person does this, this trait will be passed on to the baby. “Lul” in Persian is short for “Luleh” or tube. In the past, the necklace was made in the form of a cylinder, which is where it gets its name from (place the tube around the neck); but today, it is also designed in other forms, such as the Cabaa, the Quran, or a small box to hold the Quran with a few verses.

Source: Persia Digest


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