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Iranian official: Iran is active in women issues at an international level

The vice president of Iran for Women and Family Affairs emphasized on Iran's role in different women and family issues at the international level.

Sunday 02 December 2018 - 10:13

The vice president of Iran for Women and Family Affairs Masoumeh Ebtekar in an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency on the sideline of an Inter-generational Dialogue Consensus Meeting, said: "at the international level, Iran has both bilateral and international cooperation on women and family issues. We have several bilateral agreements right now signed MOUs specifically with the Sasakawa peace foundation of Japan on economic empowerment of women."

Ebtekar added: "We have done a joint research work on study on the economic empowerment of women in Japan and in Iran, and  exchange of experiences between entrepreneurs between Iran and Japan also we have bilateral cooperation with Sweden on exchange of experiences on gender mainstreaming."

According to the vice president of Iran for Women and Family Affairs, Iran has bilateral cooperation with Indonesia on again both economic empowerment of women and on different issues pertaining to family and empowerment of the family.

"We are working to develop MOU with Turkey. This is under way on different areas of exchanging experiences. It is very important", Ebtekar added.

She continued: "Iran has valuable experiences in these areas, other countries also have achievements and valuable experiences. It is important to devise a platform to engage in learning from each other and strengthening our experiences in these regards."

Source: Iran Press TV


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